Product Collections - Tag Products in Photos.

Product collections allow for additional photos to be displayed in categories and products to be tagged on them. If we add several photos, a photo gallery will be displayed. Products can be tagged on each of them. A solution that will work perfectly, for example, in the fashion industry or for presenting interior design.

In the admin panel, go to ApplicationsCategories Category module icon

Adding a product collection

  1. Select Category Manager,
  2. Right-click on the category, Category list
  3. Select Edit, Category edit
  4. Check Enable product collections,

    The field is ignored if the Product Collections feature is not enabled in the category configuration.

  5. Upload the Photo of the product collection,
  6. Press the Save button,
  7. Manage the product collection, Product collection section in category edit
  8. Click on the product place,
  9. Add the product,
    Adding a product to the product collection photo
  10. Press the Save button.
Product added to the product collection photo

See the categories documentation.

Advanced editing of the product collection

  1. Manage the product collection, Managing the product collection
  2. Enter the Description,
  3. Select the Text color,
  4. Enter the Link,

    If the link is provided, the user will be redirected to the selected page after clicking on the product collection photo.

  5. Press the Save button.

Presentation of the product collection in the store

Product collection list Product collection presentation on category page

Enabling product collections

In the admin panel, go to ApplicationsCategories

Categories module configuration
  1. Check Enable,
  2. Select Display mode,
  3. Press the Save button.

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