In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select Currencies module

Adding a new currency

Select List

  1. Press Add.
  2. Tick Active,
  3. Currency will be set as active in a shop.

  4. Select Currency
  5. If you select a currency, Additional options will be automatically filled.

  6. Enter Kurs ,
  7. The current exchange rates

  8. Tick Default,
  9. Currency will be set as default in a shop.

  10. Enter Name,
  11. Enter Symbol before,
  12. Enter Symbol after,
  13. Enter ISO code,
  14. List of the codes compatible with ISO 4217

  15. Press Save.


Select Configuration

  1. Tick Inverse exchange rate,
  2. If selected the foreign currencies are calculated with the inverse exchange rate.

  3. Press Save.