Currencies - prices in different currencies and language versions.

At SOTESHOP you can add and present prices in different currencies and manage currency rates. The currency can be changed in the store at any time. Additionally, the currency can be linked to the language version and domain if the store operates under different domains. Prices in currencies can be calculated according to the rate or set individually for each product for each currency separately.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsCurrencies Currency module icon

Adding a currency

Currency list
  1. Press the Add button.
  2. Add currency
  3. Check Active,
  4. Active currency on the store side.

  5. Select Currency
  6. If you select a currency, Additional options will be automatically filled in.

  7. Enter Rate ,
  8. Current currency rates

  9. Check Default,
  10. Defaultly selected currency on the store side.

  11. Enter Name,
  12. Enter Symbol before,
  13. Enter Symbol after,
  14. Enter ISO code,
  15. List of codes compliant with ISO 4217 specification

  16. Press the Save button.

Currency configuration

Select Configuration

Przelewy24 configuration
  1. Select Reverse rate,
  2. Foreign currencies will be converted according to the reverse rate.

  3. Press the Save button.

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