Countries - define countries and delivery zones.

In the store panel we can determine to which countries we will be sending orders. The defined countries will automatically appear in the order form. There is also an option to define delivery zones, which will allow for group management of deliveries in the selected area.

Table of Contents

SOTESHOP. Countries - adding a new delivery country to the store.

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsCountries Countries module icon

Countries list

Select Countries list

Country Activation

  1. Check Countries, How to activate countries from the list
  2. Check Activate.

Setting the Default Country

  1. Edit the country, Country edition
  2. Check Default.
  3. Press the Save button.

Adding Delivery Zones

Select Zones list List of zones

  1. Press the Add new zone button,
  2. Countries in the delivery zone
  3. Select the Countries,
  4. Press the Save button.

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