Digital Content of the Product - Sell Electronic Products.

Digital content can be added to any product. These are additional files/data (license code, instructions, bonuses) that the customer will receive after purchasing the product. Connect your product with digital content and start selling right away.

Table of Contents

Enabling Digital Content in the Store

  1. In the Admin Panel, select AppsCompatibility Module Compatibility Module Icon
  2. Go to Digital Content Enabling Digital Content in the Compatibility Module
  3. Check Active
  4. Check Show only for orders with online codes, files
  5. Enter Digital Content Text
  6. Click Set Countries and select the countries for which the text content is compliant, then save
  7. Press Save

Adding Digital Content to a Product

  1. In the Admin Panel, select AppsProducts Products Module IconEdit ProductOnline Files Adding a File for Online Sale to a Product
  2. Click add
  3. Enter Name
  4. Upload file from computer

If you want to add a code to the product, go to AppsProducts Products Module IconEdit ProductOnline Code Adding an online code to a product

  1. Click Add
  2. Enter Name
  3. Enter Code
  4. Set Usage limit
  5. Enter in the Used field how many times the key has already been used

How does the customer receive the purchased digital content?

When the payment is settled with the order containing products that have files or codes, the customer receives the digital content of the product in an email message. Example:

Email after placing an order with a file and online codes

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