Fast Cache - even 100x faster version of store pages.

One of the most important options when it comes to store performance and server resource utilization is Fast Cache. Fast Cache remembers the most frequently displayed pages and optimizes them for subsequent visits by customers. This operation can reduce the processor time used to generate the page by up to 100 times! This has a real impact not only on the page display time of the store, but also on hosting costs. This option is enabled by default. Many companies offer solutions similar to Fast Cache in their most expensive services, while in SOTE this feature is available to every store as standard.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, go to ConfigurationFastCache Fastcache Module Icon

Fastcache Module Configuration

Enabling Fast Cache

  1. Check Enable FastCache,
  2. Press the Save button.

Manual FastCache Cleaning

Press the Clear button.

See how to clear the store cache.

Advantages of Fast Cache

  • Faster page display up to 100x!
  • Better indexing in Google. Faster pages are better positioned.
  • Faster page view time has a positive effect on the number of customers staying in the store.
  • Protection against server overload, the system automatically optimizes pages that are called multiple times.

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