Products collections

In administration panel go to Offer => Categories

Adding the products collections

  1. Tick a category,
  2. Press Edit,
  3. Tick Active,
  4. Enter Category name,
  5. Tick Enable product collection,
  6. The field is ignored if the option Enable the products collections located in Configuration => Configure modules => Categories is unchecked.

  7. Upload products collection Image,
  8. Press Save.
  9. Manage a products collection,
  10. Select a location of a product,
  11. Add a product,
  12. Press Save.

Check out categories documentation.

Advanced edit of products collections

  1. Manage a products collection,
  2. Enter Description,
  3. Select Text color,
  4. Enter Link,
  5. If a link is given, an user will be redirected to a selected site after clicking on collection's image.

  6. Press Save.

Presentation of products collection in a shop

Enabling the products collections

In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select Categories module

  1. Tick Enable products collections,
  2. Select Display mode,
  3. Press Save.