Retrieves data about a specific availability status. If an incorrect id is provided, the function returns an error WEBAPI_INCORRECT_ID.

  • Input data type => object
  • Output data type => object

Input Parameters

  1. _session_hash (string)
  2. Required. Session identifier (obtained during login - doLogin)

  3. id (integer)
  4. Required. Category identifier.

Output Data

  1. created_at (dateTime)
  2. Entry creation date.

  3. updated_at (dateTime)
  4. Entry last modification date.

  5. id (integer)
  6. Availability status identifier

  7. availability_name (string)
  8. Availability status name. Maximum length of 255 characters.

  9. stock_from (integer)
  10. Minimum value from which the selected availability status will be chosen.

  11. is_system_default (integer)
  12. Specifies whether the availability is the default / system availability in the store.