Widgets - personalize your space in the admin panel.

You can define your home page in the store's administrative panel using widgets. Widgets allow you to show brief information about: orders, recently added reviews, recently sold products, entry statistics, sales and recently registered users.

Table of Contents

Adding a Widget to the Desktop

Empty desktop
  1. Press the button, List of widgets to choose from
  2. Select a widget and add it to the desktop, Desktop with widgets

Adding a New Desktop in the Admin Panel

  1. Press +, Desktop add button Window for adding a new desktop
  2. Check Default,
  3. Enter Name,
  4. Select Layout,
  5. Press the Save button. New desktop

Desktop editing

  1. Hover the cursor over the Desktop settings icon icon,
  2. Select Edit Desktop,
    Desktop editing window
  3. Check Default,
  4. Enter Name,
  5. Select Layout,
  6. Press the Save button.

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