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Share the link and get a commission from the sale or set up a store for your customer at a lower price.

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If you have a customer who needs a proven and professional software to run an online store, offer them SOTESHOP. You will receive a 30% discount when ordering the first store. You can also share a special link on your website and you don't have to do anything else. You will receive a 10% commission on each order, even if the customer visits the site and places an order within 90 days.

If you want to become our partner and earn with SOTE or write to the address

Become a SOTE Partner

SOTE Affiliate Program

30% discount for SOTE partners

30% Discount

When selling an online store to your customer, you will receive a 30% discount from us on the first order. The discount also applies to subsequent billing periods.

10% commission from link for SOTE partners

10% Commission from Link

Share a special link on your website or social media and receive 10% from any order. Even if the customer places an order on their next visit after many days.

90 days conversion tracking, SOTE partners

90 Days Conversion Tracking

Our system remembers user entries for up to 90 days, using the ADS Tracker system. This allows us to more accurately assign orders to the partner and share the commission with them.

10% discount coupon for SOTE partners

10% Discount Coupon

To encourage customers to shop, you will receive a 10% discount coupon from us. You can offer this coupon to your customers to encourage them to place an order through you.

Technical support for SOTE partners

Technical Support

We offer support and assistance from our specialists to both customers and partners. This includes both program support and help in solving technical problems.

Promotional materials for SOTE partners

Promotional Materials

Our partners can use high-quality promotional materials related to SOTESHOP online stores. This includes texts, photos and video materials for their own use.

Comparison of Standard and Premium Program

There are 2 options of the affiliate program:

  • Standard - Includes 10% commission from sales from special link entries.
  • Premium - Includes commission from links and an additional 30% discount.
Standard Premium
10% commission from link entries
90 day conversion tracking
Technical support
Promotional materials
10% discount coupon
30% discount on SOTESHOP store -
20% discount on accessories from WebStore -
20% discount on graphic projects -

Who can join the SOTE affiliate program?

Standard Affiliate Program

Any company can join the Standard affiliate program, regardless of the type of business. Joining this program requires nothing from you. All you have to do is share a special link with your customers and you will receive a 10% commission from each order made through the link. The first user entry to the website from the special link is taken into account for settlement. Even if the customer does not make a purchase right away, but returns to the website within 90 days, you will receive a commission from the sale. Settlements are sent monthly and, in the case of subscription services, include the order and payment for the first settlement period, e.g. for the first month or first year, and in the case of one-time services, the commission from the transaction amount. The program applies to transactions from new customers.

    The Standard program is aimed at:
  • People involved in e-commerce, e.g. bloggers
  • Companies that have their own online store, from any industry
  • People involved in education
  • People running themed channels on YouTube
  • And anyone who has an idea for e-commerce
  • The condition is the possibility of issuing us a VAT invoice.

You will also receive a -10% discount coupon, which you can share with your friends.

Premium Affiliate Program

The Premium program includes all elements of the Standard program and additionally offers larger discounts when selling SOTESHOP software. In the Premium model, the partner buys the store from SOTE with a 30% discount and sells it to the customer. The discount also applies to subsequent settlement periods. In addition, we give a -10% discount coupon for the partner's customers, making the offer they offer their customers more attractive.

    The Premium program is aimed at companies involved in the e-commerce industry:
  • IT companies
  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Industry portals
  • Companies offering other e-commerce related services

In this model, the partner serves the customer and sells the program, and we provide support and technical assistance.

Become a SOTE Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the commission for sales from the links?

The commission is calculated at the beginning of the next month, for the previous month. The report is sent within 7 days. Based on the report, the partner issues an invoice to SOTE and receives payment within 14 days.

Is the number of entries from the links available?

Yes. The monthly report includes the number of entries, the number of transactions and the total value of orders.

What transactions does the commission from the links apply to?

The 10% discount from the links applies to any order on the website. Both the SOTESHOP program and additional services.

Who will receive the commission if the customer enters the page twice from different affiliate links?

The commission is assigned to the first entry to the website within 90 days. In the above case, if the customer enters from the affiliate link 1 and then 2, the commission will be assigned to partner 1.

Will I receive a discount for the next year in the Premium program?

Yes. The 30% discount also applies to subsequent billing periods: month, year.

Can I get a higher discount in the Premium program when buying a larger number of stores?

If the partner wants to order a larger number of stores, we can provide an individual discount. To set individual conditions, please contact

Earn with SOTE

If you want to become our partner and earn with SOTE, write to the address

Become a SOTE Partner

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