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Move your company to the Internet and sell your products and services online. Offer your customers shopping with safe and local delivery, inform about product availability. We have been helping our clients sell effectively on the internet for 20 years. Thousands of customers have trusted us.

Online store


Add products to the store. Set individual options, prices, sizes and colors. Automatically add products to online bids, price comparison websites and Google search results.


Offer a convenient and simple method of order placement to your customers. 
Give them purchase vouchers, coupons, grant competitive rebates. Provide them with the opportunity of paying by online bank transfer, credit card or in instalments.


Build your customer database efficiently. Reward your customers with rebates, offer promotions and invite them to participate in a loyalty program. Reach individual and corporate customers with your offer.


Administrative Panel

Easily manage your online store.

Soteshop 8 - Administrative Panel

Store Integrations

SOTESHOP is an online store program integrated with popular systems:

Online Store Integrations

Full list of integrations

Beautiful Graphics of an Online Store

Graphics in an online store should be beautiful, but at the same time functional. It should reflect the individual style of the company, and the customer, making purchases, should quickly find the necessary information. This is the graphics in the SOTESHOP 7 store: Beautiful, unique, individual.

Online store and its beautiful graphics


Support for SEO. An online store compliant with SEO requirements and correct indexing in Google. Meta tags, headers, maps, image optimization, speed of operation, SSL support.

Online Store SEO

Social Media

Social Media

Reach customers through Social Media. Set up a store on Facebook, sell on Instagram, share videos on YouTube. Be where your customers are.

Online store compliant with EU regulations

Compliant with EU regulations

The SOTESHOP online store program has successfully passed tests taking into account over 70 quality criteria based on Polish and European regulations on online trading.

Online store - Sell in Europe and around the world

Sell in Europe and around the world

The online store is adapted to international sales. It includes currency support, VAT EU zones. 12 ready-made language versions are available.

Mobile and RWD versions

Your store will look beautiful on a desktop computer, laptop and on mobile devices.

Mobile and RWD versions

Guarantee and Security of Online Store

  • SOTESHOP has been tested by thousands of companies (over 20,000 licenses for the program).
  • We provide a full guarantee for the program's operation.
  • We offer service and professional support from our technical department.
  • Every month we release updates to the software that provide security and development of your online store.
Online Store - Guarantee, Service, Support, Security

Opinion of Koris

We applied to Sote company to make a modern graphic design of our store. We wanted a clear and readable design. They met our expectations. Customers are very satisfied with the functioning of our store's new website and the ease of searching for products.

Opinion of Kortex Company

We are pleased with the visualization, graphics of our online store. Sote Company has made a perfect graphic update for our needs. The whole project was done reliably according to our expectations. We highly recommend Sote Company.