Regulations THE HOSTINGS


The Subscriber is obliged to use the eligibility that have, in such a way that other unauthorized persons can not use it.


Subscriber is responsible for the classification of the degree of protection and choice of tools to protect information transmitted over the network. It is recommended i.a. using tools to ensure encryption.


Subscriber is obliged to obey the rules of safety proposed by the administrator.


Subscriber may not make attempts to hacking the servers of the service provider.


Subscriber may not change the password on the phone. The new password must be delivered in person, sent by registered mail or sent as an encrypted electronic consignment.


The information is not encrypted link level.


The basis of the statistics of operations is event logging on the server of the service provider.


The service provider guarantees the observance of the secrecy of correspondence.


Service provider reserves the right to exclude servers for maintenance after informing the users of one day in advance.


If the lineout will result due to the fault of the service provider and will exceed 5 hours within a week, the Subscriber shall be reimbursed part of the subscription fee (for the break-time in communications).


The service provider is not responsible for interruptions in communications resulting from independent from him reasons.


Any irregularities in the functioning of the server should be reported to the administrator.


Subscriber cannot make actions which can make impossible the assertion of the contractual standard of services for other subscribers connected to the network.


Subscriber is informed about the change of the price list by mail or electronic consignment sent on his email.


Subscriber bears full responsibility for the materials (photos, texts) posted on its website.


The service provider has the right to the immediate removal from the server of the side and mail accounts of the Subscriber, if on this are found illegal materials, violate the good name of third persons or applicable copyright law. In this case, the Subscriber is not owing to return of the subscription.