The access to the updating and the technical assistance for 1 year

The service dedicated for of shops in the version 7 and 8.


Updatings are automatic and available from the level of the panel of the administrative shop.
We give it the for once on week-days.

  • New functionalities augmented softwares of the shop.
  • The development and improvements of existing functionalities.
  • Changes resulting from the updating in external systems integrated with the programme SOTE, e.g. new functions Allegro, the change in served system of the payment.
  • Corrections of faults found in the programme.
  • The adaptation of the programme SOTE to new versions of the server-side (e.g. the new version PHP, the new version MySQL) software.

The technical assistance

  • Enables the task of technical questions across the system of the service on the side We will help to take advantage from functionalities contained in the programme SOTE, We will help at the configuration of the shop, We will check settings in case of the doubt.
  • The professional service of the shop. Enables the application of every fault, the mechanical trouble across the system of the service on the side Every application receives the number and is credited to the specific programmer. We will check the problem directly in the shop, we will verify introduced data, we will give reason for appearances of the problem, we will remove the fault or in case of independent matters from us we will advise, as to avoid repetitions of the problem.