Integration with Comfino Payments

If you could also change the text at the top of the documentation to: Comfino is a modern e-commerce payment method that allows customers to easily and conveniently pay for purchases in your SOTESHOP online store. Comfino offers deferred payments, 0% installments, margin installments and purchase financing for businesses.

Download the addon from our website: Comfino - deferred payment and installment system in an online store.

Create an account in Comfino

Table of contents

In the admin panel go to ApplicationsComfino Comfino module icon

Configuration of integration with Comfino

Comfino configuration
  1. Check Enable,
  2. Check Automatic redirect,

    Automatically redirects to the payment page after placing an order.

  3. Enter the API Key obtained from Comfino,
  4. Enter the Widget Key,
  5. Select Highlight payment on product card,

    When selecting the option

    • 0% installments
    • Low installments
    a button will appear on the product card opening the Comfino widget to check the highlighted installment option.
    Comfino installment widget on product card

    When selecting the option Buy now, pay later a Comfino payment highlight will appear on the product card
    Distinction of Comfino payment on product card

    When selecting the --- option, Comfino payment will not be distinguished on the product card.

  6. Press the Save button.

See how to enable a new payment in the store

Comfino payment in the cart

Comfino payment in the cart

After clicking Select
Selection of Comfino rates in the cart

Test mode

  1. Check Enable,
  2. Check Test mode,
  3. Enter API key

    The API key for test mode is different than for production mode

  4. Press the Save button.

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