In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select Payments module

Adding a new payment method

  1. Press Add,
  2. Tick Active,
  3. Tick Hide for wholesale customers,
  4. Payment won't be displayed for the wholesalers.

  5. Enter Name,
  6. Select Payment method
  7. If you select an online payment, you have to configure it.

  8. Enter Description,
  9. Appears in a shopping cart when you move a mouse over a payment.

  10. Enter Description at the order's/payment's summary page
  11. Check out which tags can you use.

  12. Press Save.

Enabling a new payment method in a shop

  1. Configure a payment
  2. If you want to enable an online payment.

  3. Activate a payment method
    1. In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules => Payments,
    2. Edit a payment method,
    3. Tick Active,
    4. Press Save.
  4. Assign a payment method to a shipment.
    1. In administration panel go to Sale => Shipping methods,
    2. Edit a shipment,
    3. Go to Payment section,
    4. Tick Active,
    5. Payments which are set as Active will be assigned to a shipment. Will be displayed in a shopping cart, when the shipment is selected.

    6. Tick Default,
    7. The default payment will be automatically selected when choosing a shipment.

    8. Enter Cost,
    9. You can add a fixed amount or a percentage of the order value for a given payment.

    10. Press Save.

Editing a user's payment

In administration panel go to Sale => Payments

Payments list.

  1. Edit a payment,
  2. Enter Amount,
  3. Select Payment method,
  4. Tick Paid,
  5. Enter Payment date,
  6. Press Save.

Online payments configuration

  1. CashBill,
  2. Credit Agricole Raty,
  3. Dotpay,
  4. eCard,
  5. eService,
  6. PayByNet,
  7. Paypal,
  8. PayU,
  9. Payeezy,
  10. Przelewy24,
  11. Santander Consumer Bank,
  12. Skrill.