eService - Universal Payment System.

eService payments is a solution providing online stores with the ability to accept payments via credit cards, Blik, PayPal and online transfers. It is a popular system, as eService is a leader in cashless transactions when it comes to payment terminals.

Create an eService account

  • With eService you will receive online payments for 2 months for 0 PLN.
  • No start-up fees for payment activation.
  • 0 PLN for payment gateway activation.
  • No integration fees.
  • No fixed fee for each transaction throughout the duration of the contract.

eService configuration in the store

In the Admin Panel go to ApplicationseService eService module icon

eService API configuration in Soteshop store
  1. Check Enable
  2. Check Automatic redirect
  3. Enter MerchantID,
  4. Enter Password,
  5. Enter BrandID,
  6. Press the Save button.

See how to enable a new payment in the store

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