Store Information - Basic Information About Your Business.

Fill in your company's data: fill in the company's data, select the country of operation and enter the bank account. Here you can also enable quick mobile phone contact. Check your store's license number.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsStore Information Store Information Module Icon

Completing Store Information

Store Information Configuration
  1. Enter Seller / Company Name,
  2. Tag {COMPANY}

  3. Enter VAT Number,
  4. Tag {VATNUMBER}

  5. Enter Street, House Number,
  6. Tags {STREET}, {HOUSE}, {FLAT}

  7. Enter Postal Code and City,
  8. Tags {CODE}, {TOWN}

  9. Enter Phone,
  10. Tag {PHONE}

  11. Check Show Phone,
  12. The phone is visible on mobile devices.

    Headset in mobile version
  13. Enter Fax,
  14. Tag {FAX}

  15. Enter Bank Account Number,
  16. Tag {BANK}

  17. Enter Contact Email Address,
  18. Tag {EMAIL}

  19. Press the Save button.

Using Store Information

The tags {COMPANY}, {VATNUMBER}, {STREET}, {HOUSE}, {FLAT}, {CODE}, {TOWN}, {PHONE}, {FAX}, {BANK}, {EMAIL} can be used in:

  • Texts module - Order Summary
  • Payments module - Description on the order summary / payment page

License Information

Select License Information.

License Information

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