Coupon codes

Enabling the coupon codes

In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select Discounts module

  1. Tick Enable the coupon codes,
  2. Enter Code format:
    • @ - unique number [required],
    • # - random letter A-Z [optional],
    • 9 - random number 0-9 [optional],
  3. Tick Calculation method:
    • Overwrite other discounts,
    • Add up with other discounts,
    • Hihgest discount,

      After selecting this option and entering a coupon code, the highest discount in a shopping cart will always be taken into account.


      In the cart there are two products in the 50% promotion and one product with a 5% promotion. The customer enters the coupon code with 7% discount => 2 products in the promotion of 50% will remain unchanged, and 3 product will receive a discount of 7%.

  4. Press Save.

Check out discounts documentation.

Adding a coupon code

In administration panel go to Sale => Discounts

Select Coupon codes

Column Generated for contains an information about a coupon code granted to a customer for an order.

  1. Press Add,
  2. Enter Code,
  3. Code is generated automatically.

  4. Enter Discount value,
  5. Enter Use limit,
  6. Value of 0 means there is no limit.

  7. Select Valid from,
  8. An empty field means there is no threshold.

  9. Select Valid to,
  10. An empty field means there is no threshold.

  11. Press Save.

Enabling coupon codes in order status

In administration panel go to Sale => Orders => Statuses

  1. Edit a Status,
  2. Tick Add a coupon code,
  3. A single coupon code will be added to an e-mail notification. Coupon code can be generated only for the order status type completed.

  4. Enter Discount,
  5. Enter Valid for,
  6. Specifies the number of days after which a generated coupon code becomes invalid. Value of 0 means there is no limit.

  7. Press Save.

Information about granted coupon code fo an order is given on coupon code list in column Generated for.

Check out orders documentation.