In administration panel go to Sale => Orders

Editing an order

Select List

  1. Edit an order,
  2. Select an order's Status,
  3. Check out how to add a new status.

  4. Enter Shipping number,
  5. Check out Shipping methods documentation.

  6. Tick Settled, if an order is paid.
  7. Press Save.

Customer will receive a message with an information about order's status.

Check out mail documentation.

Advanced editing an order

  1. Edit an order,
  2. Press Edit,
  3. If needed:

  4. Enter Customer data,
  5. Change Cart content,
  6. Change informations about Shipping method,
  7. Change Payment,
  8. Press Save.

Press Execute to go to order's simple edit.

Generating the invoices

Check out invoices documentation.

Checking the information about customer's consent

Check out compatibility module documentation.

Sending a parcel to Paczkomaty

Check out paczkomaty documentation.

Generating PDF file with order's information

  1. Press Download,
  2. Save a document on your local drive.

Managing the orders

Changing the selected orders at the list

  1. Tick the orders,
  2. Selected:
    • Mark as Read / Unread,
    • Change Status,
    • Select Paid,
    • Select Confirmed,
  3. Confirm the changes.

Filtering the orders

  1. Unfold the filters,
  2. Select:
    • Numer,
    • Status,
    • Marked as,
    • Placed,
    • Product code,
    • Amount,
    • Customer,
    • Paid,
    • Confirmed,
    • Payment,
    • Shipping method,
  3. Press Filter.

Adding an order's status

Select Statuses

  1. Press Add,
  2. Enter Name,
  3. Select Type,
  4. Tick Default,
  5. The default status is set for every new order. Only the status type pending can be set as the default status.

  6. Tick Send an e-mail notification,
  7. E-mail notification is sent when you choose an order status. Check out mail documentation.

  8. Enter Description,
  9. Tick Add a coupon code,
  10. Check out coupon codes documentation.

  11. Tick Include a link to a proforma invoice,
  12. Tick Include a link to a invoice,
  13. Check out invoices documentation.

  14. Press Save.

Allegro orders

Check out allegro documentation.

Orders configuration

In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select Orders module

  1. Enter Order number format,
  2. Available parameters:

    • {NUMBER}
    • {DAY}
    • {MONTH}
    • {YEAR}
  3. Enter Minimum order value,
  4. Value of 0 means there is no threshold.

  5. Press Save.