Discount codes - discounts for orders and products.

In the store panel you can generate discount codes that customers can use to get a discount. Discounts can be assigned to an order, selected products or generated when the order status changes. You can define the usage limit, expiration date and set the order value threshold. Additionally, you can define the rules for assigning and summing up discounts.

Table of Contents

Enabling Discount Codes

In the admin panel, go to ApplicationsDiscounts Discounts Module IconConfiguration

Discounts Module Configuration
  1. Check Enable Discount Codes,
  2. Enter Code Format:
    • @ - unique number [required],
    • # - random letter A - Z [optional],
    • 9 - random number 0 - 9 [optional],
  3. Check Discount Calculation Method:
    • Override other discounts,
    • Sum with other discounts,
    • Highest discount,

      After selecting this option and entering the code, the highest discount in the basket will always be taken into account.


      There are two products in the basket with a 50% discount and one product with a 5% discount. The customer enters a 7% discount code → 2 products with a 50% discount remain unchanged, and the 3rd product receives a 7% discount.

  4. Press the Save button.

See the Discounts documentation.

Adding a Discount Code

Select Discount Codes

Discount Codes List The column Generated for contains information about the discount code granted to the customer for the placed order.
  1. Press the Add button, Adding a new discount code
  2. Enter the Code,

    It is generated automatically.

  3. Enter the Discount value,
  4. Enter the Use limit,

    A value of 0 means no limit.

  5. Select Valid from,

    An empty field means no threshold.

  6. Select Valid to,

    An empty field means no threshold.

  7. Check
  8. Press the Save button.
Cart with activated discount code

Assigning products to a discount code

  1. Check For all products,
  2. Or:
    1. Select Categories,
    2. Select Manufacturers,
  3. Press the Save button.
  1. Go to Assign products, List of products
List of Products
  • Select products,
  • Choose Selected: Add to Group,
  • Confirm the operation.
  • Enabling Discount Codes in Order Status

    In the admin panel, select SalesOrdersStatuses

    List of Statuses
    1. Edit Status, Status Edit
    2. Check Attach discount code,

      A one-time discount code will be attached to the email notification. Discount codes can be generated only for fulfilled statuses.

    3. Enter Discount,
    4. Enter Valid for,

      Specifies the number of days after which the generated discount code becomes invalid.

    5. Press the Save button.
    Email with Discount Code

    Information about the assigned discount code for the order can be found on the discount code list in the Generated for column.

    See the Orders documentation.

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