Administrators - manage access to the store panel.

You can add a new administrator or change their password. The store allows for the creation of administrative accounts that have limited access to certain modules.

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SOTESHOP. Administrators.

In the Admin Panel, go to ApplicationsAdministrators Administrators module icon

The main shop administrator is created during installation / registration of a new shop.

Adding an Administrator

An administrator with the Super admin rank can add new administrators.

Only a regular administrator can be used to connect WebAPI.

Shop administrators list
  1. Press the Add button, Adding a new administrator
  2. Check Active,
  3. Check Super admin,
    • A super administrator has all permissions,
    • Super administrator has access to the admin panel, updates and graphics editing,
    • Super administrator has access to all modules,
    • Super administrator can add, delete and edit permissions of other administrators.
  4. Enter Login (login is an email address),
  5. Enter Password,
  6. Repeat Password,
  7. If the new administrator is not a Super admin:

  8. Select Permission groups,
  9. Select Permissions (managing the store),
  10. Select Module permissions,
  11. Press the Save button.

Creating permission groups

Select Permission groups

List of permission groups

Press the Add button

Adding a new permission group
  1. Enter Group name,
  2. Select Permissions (managing the store),
  3. Select Module permissions,
  4. Press the Save button.

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