Shop administration - WebAPI

In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select API module

Enabling WebAPI

Select Configuration

Only ordinary administrators can be used for WebAPI functions.

  1. Tick Enable WebApi,
  2. Enter Session time (time is given in seconds.),
  3. Select if you want to automatically remove the obsolete sessions from the logging list,
  4. Select if you want to enforce use API via SSL,
  5. Press Save.

WebApi loggings

Select WebApi logging list

WebAPI functions in SOTESHOP

List of WebApi functions depending on a module.

Manufacturers (stProducer)

Manufacturers address

Categories (stCategory)

Categories address

Products (stProduct)

Products address

Users (stUser)

Users address

Loggings (stWebApiBackend)

  • ClearCache - clears cache,
  • doLogin - logs to the system,
  • GetVersion - gets a version of API module.,
  • Noop - extends session and returns a session's end time,
  • Test - tests communication,
Loggings address

Orders (stOrder)

Orders address