Web API - Integrations and Data Exchange with Other Programs.

Web API functions allow for the extension of store functionality and integration with other IT systems. Thanks to the Web API, other companies and programmers can retrieve and send various data to the program in a standardized way. This allows for the individual customization of the program to meet one's needs.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsAPI API Module Icon

Enabling WebAPI

Select Configuration

Only regular administrators can be used to connect to WebAPI.

API Configuration
  1. Check Enable WebApi,
  2. Set Session duration (time given in seconds),
  3. Choose whether to automatically delete expired sessions from the login list,
  4. Choose whether to enforce the use of API via SSL,
  5. Press the Save button.

WebAPI Logins

Select WebApi Logins

WebAPI Logins

WebAPI Functions in SOTESHOP

List of WebApi functions depending on the module.

Producers (stProducer)

Producer Address

Categories (stCategory)

Category Address

Products (stProduct)

Product Address

Users (stUser)

  • DeleteUser - deletes a user,
  • DeleteUserProfile - deletes a customer profile,
  • GetUser - retrieves user data,
  • GetUserList - returns a list of users,
  • GetUserProfile - retrieves a customer profile,
  • GetUserProfileList - returns a list of customer profiles,
  • UpdateUser - updates user data,
  • UpdateUserProfile - updates a customer profile,
  • User Address

    Logins (stWebApiBackend)

    • ClearCache - clearing the cache,
    • doLogin - logging into the system,
    • GetVersion - returns the version of the API module,
    • Noop - extends the session and returns the time of its completion,
    • Test - testing communication,
    Login Address

    Orders (stOrder)

  • GetOrderListByUser - returns a list of orders for a selected customer,
  • GetOrderByNumber - returns an order based on its number,
  • GetOrderPayment - retrieves payment information for a given order,
  • GetOrderProductList - returns a list of products in the order,
  • GetOrderStatusList - returns a list of available order statuses,
  • OrderProductSetType - data type for the GetOrderProductList method,
  • SetOrderPaymentStatus - sets the payment status for an order,
  • UpdateOrder - updating an order,
  • UpdateOrderStatus - updating the order status in the order,
  • UpdateOrderDeliveryNumber - updating the shipment number in the order,
  • Order address

    Gift cards

    Gift Card Address

    Discount Codes

    Discount Code Address

    Payment Types (stPaymentType)

    Payment Type Address

    Currencies (stCurrency)

  • UpdateCurrencyExchange - updates the currency exchange rate,
  • UpdateCurrencyExchangeByShortcut - updates the currency exchange rate by ISO 4217 code,
  • CountCurrency - retrieves the amount of currencies,
  • Currency Address

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