SOTESHOP 7 software installation

Feel free to use our hosted demo - it's free:

Before you start you need

  • any ftp client software
  • MySQL database: dbname, user, pasword, host
  • internet account for website with PHP (standard ISP service)
  • about 10 minutes of free time

There are 2 methods of installation:

  1. Web installation
  2. Shell installation (for administrators

Web installation

  1. Download an installation package from - standard - soteshop-latest.tar.gz
  2. Unpack a package on your computer. You will get the files:
  3. Use a FTP client to copy files to the FTP account. Place the files in a folder, which your domain indicates to, eg. /path/to/your/account/soteshop =>
  4. Enter your domain URL eg. and follow the provided steps. System will unpack all files and start installation process.


  1. Enter License number and press Next.
  2. In order to proceed to the next step you have to accept the License and press Next.
  3. "System will check whether your server meets the technical requirements. If everything is fine you can press Next and go to the next step. Unless all the requirements are met you won't be able to advance to the next step. Contact your server's administrator, verify (re-configurate) the server's settings and re-install."
  4. Enter the access data to your shop's database.

    Make sure that encoding of the database is utf8_unicode_ci.

    Required fields to fill:

    • Database host,
    • Database name,
    • User login,
    • Password (illegal characters in password: @, #, /, \).

    After you fill the fields, press Next to start downloading the files.

    In order to change the encoding of your database, log into phpMyAdmin:

    1. Select a database,
    2. Press Operations tab,
    3. Change collation to utf8_unicode_ci,
    4. Press Go.
  5. Wait until all packages are downloaded.
  6. When the progress bar reaches 100%, press Next and go to the next step.
  7. The main installation process is in progress.
  8. After the installation is finished, press Next and go to the next step.
  9. Select the default theme and configure the dafault data.
  10. Wait until the default settings are saved.
  11. After the configuration is completed, press Next and go to the final information.
  12. Final information site provides you with URL addresses of your:
    • shop,
    • administration panel,
    • update panel.
  13. Before you start working in the administration panel you have to register your license and set the access data to the administration panel:
    • login = e-mail address,
    • password.
  14. Check the given data and go to the login site.
  15. Enter login and password.
  16. Log into the panel.

Shell installation (for administrators)

  1. Download an installation package from - for administrators
  2. Unpack
    tar -zxvpf soteshop-admin-latest-pl.tar.gz
    in folder /path/to/your/account. System will create /path/to/your/account/soteshop
  3. Set your domain eg. to folder /path/to/your/account/soteshop/web start the installation
  4. Process the installation.