Credit Agricole Raty allows for installment sales through the store.

Credit Agricole Raty offers the possibility of installment payments in an online store. The store's customer can get an online loan for the purchase of goods and services from 300 to 20,000 PLN. Find out how to set up online payments supported by Credit Agricole Raty. Page of Credit Agricole Raty payment system:

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In the Admin Panel go to ApplicationsCredit Agricole Raty Credit Agricole Raty module icon


Credit Agricole Raty Configuration
  1. Enter Identifier,
  2. Enter Store Name,
  3. Press Save button.


Application address, procedure and simulator

Return address after submission

Return address after resignation

Product settings for Credit Agricole Raty payment

In the admin panel select Offer => Products

  1. Edit product,
  2. Select Additional options,
  3. Select Credit Agricole Raty, Individual disabling of Credit Agricole Raty for products
  4. Check Disable purchase,
  5. Press the Save button.

See the products documentation.

See how to enable a new payment in the store

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