Google Shopping

In administration panel go to Sale => Google Shopping

For proper operation of Google Shopping it is necessary to have an SSL certificate.
It absence may result in the suspension of your Google Merchant.
More information can be found on the help pages Google Merchant Center.

Assigning the products to Google Shopping

Select List of products

  1. Tick Products,
  2. Select Set as assigned: Yes.

Ustawienia produktu dla Google Shopping

In administration panel go to Offer => Products

  1. Edit a product,
  2. Select Additional options,
  3. Select Google Shopping,
  4. Tick Assign,
  5. Press Save.

Check out products documentation.

Adding / Removing all products to Google Shopping

Select List of products

Press Add all / Press Remove all.

Generating the xml file

Select Generate the file

Press Generate the file.

URL address of Google Shopping generated file


Select Configuration

Shop information

  1. Enter Name,
  2. Enter Description,
  3. Press Save.

Settings of xml file generating

  1. Tick Add language definition in the url addresses of products,
  2. Tick Do not export products if their stock is 0,
  3. Select Generating on the basis of ID:
    • ID product merchant,
    • Code merchant,
  4. Select Product description,
  5. Press Save.

Information about the products availability

  1. Select Availability in Google Shopping accorded to Availability in the shop,
  2. Press Save.

Check out availability documentation.

How does it work?

Integration with Google Shopping allows you to export your products from your shop to Google Merchant Center. An offer of your products sent this way will allow you to create Google AdWords campaign – Product Listing Ads (PLA). Product Listing Ads is one of the elements of Google Shopping platform. PLA differs from Google AdWords text ads with the contained information about the promoted product, such as name, price, shop’s name and above all its image.

In order to start accumulating traffic and customers by using Product Listing Ads, you should follow the steps:

  1. register your account at Google AdWords,
  2. register and set up your account at Google Merchant Center,
  3. generate XML file in your shop’s administration panel,
  4. create new data feed and send file to Google Merchant Center,
  5. create a link between your accounts at Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords,
  6. set Product Listing Ad in AdWords.