Import/Export Descriptions - Translate Store Offerings

The store has a separate export and import feature for product descriptions and names in different languages. With this module, you can quickly translate the most necessary product information using a spreadsheet.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsProducts Products module icon

Export product descriptions

Select Export descriptions

Export product descriptions from the store
  1. Press the Export button, Download the product description file
  2. Press the Download file button.

Product descriptions are generated for all available language versions.

Settings for opening the import/export file

  1. Open the file,
  2. Open the file in a spreadsheet
  3. Select Character set as Unicode (UTF-8),
  4. Select Delimiter options. Separated by:
    • Semicolon,
    • Space,
  5. Check all columns,
  6. Set the Column Type to Text,
  7. Press the OK button. Open the file in a spreadsheet

Import Product Descriptions

Select Import Import product descriptions

  1. Upload the Data File,
  2. Press the Import button.
Product descriptions have been imported

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