In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select Languages module

Select List

Adding a new language

  1. Press Add,
  2. Enter Language name,
  3. Select Language,
  4. Select Currency,
  5. Upload Language image - active,
  6. Upload Language image - inactive,
  7. Press Save.

Link to a shop in language version[language_version_abbreviation]

Changing the texts in a shop

Editing the linguistic definitions

Select Edit linguistic definitions

  1. Select Translation catalogue,
  2. Enter Phrase,
  3. Press Filter.
  4. Edytuj a phrase,
  5. Enter Translation in shop,
  6. Press Save,
  7. Press List,
  8. Press Apply changes.

Importing / exporting linguistic definitions

Downloading a file to edit
  1. Edit a language version,
  2. Select Import / export linguistic definitions,
  3. Press Download link.
Changing the phrases
  1. Edit a file,
  2. Enter a new phrase between tags <target> and </target>,
  3. Save a file.
Import a file with the linguistic definitions
  1. Upload File with data,
  2. Press Save.

Setting a main domain

Select List of your domains

  1. Press Add a new domain,
  2. Enter Domain,
  3. Tick Default,
  4. Press Save.

Setting the language version of the administrative panelo

Select Configuration

  1. Select Language version of the administrative panel,
  2. Press Save.