Language versions - shop in many languages and currencies.

SOTESHOP store is adapted for international sales. You can present the store's offer in many languages. This applies to both products and other elements of the store: graphics, blog, page texts, terms and conditions, customers, ordering process, etc. Each description or name can be entered independently in any language version. Additionally, you can link the language version to the currency and a separate domain.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsLanguage versions Language version module icon

List of language versions in the store

Select List

Adding a language version

  1. Press the Add button, Adding a new language version to the store
  2. Enter the Language version name,
  3. Select Language,
  4. Enter the Abbreviation of the language version,
  5. Check Active,
  6. Select the default Currency,
  7. Select the default Delivery country

    Default delivery country in the cart, after selecting this language version

  8. Press the Save button.

Link to the store in the language version

Link to a specific language version[language_shortcut]

Changing texts in the shop

We want to change the text "Your cart is empty" displayed after clicking on the cart without products. Text to be changed on the shop side

Select Language definitions

List of language definitions
  1. Enter Phrase,
  2. Edit the phrase, Editing language definition
  3. Enter Translation in the shop,
  4. Press the Save button,

The text is already changed on the shop side:

Change of text on the shop side

Setting the Main Domain

Select Domain List

Language version domain list
  1. Press the Add new domain button, Adding a new domain
  2. Enter the Domain,
  3. Check Default,
  4. Press the Save button.

Setting the Default Language of the Admin Panel

Select Configuration

Selecting the language of the admin panel
  1. Select Language version of the panel,
  2. Press the Save button.

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