Newsletter - Mailing Campaigns in the Store

The Newsletter module is used to acquire email addresses and send messages from the store to customers. Learn how to create and send newsletters and measure their effectiveness. Manage customer groups, addresses, and messages. Check how to configure the newsletter and change the message template.
See the addon: Popup Newsletter

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How to configure and send a newsletter in an online store?

How to add products and blog articles to the newsletter?

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsNewsletter Newsletter Module Icon

Creating a Newsletter Message

Select Messages

Newsletter Message List
  1. Press the Add button, Adding Newsletter Message
  2. Enter the Subject,
  3. Upload the Image,
  4. Enter the Image Link,

    Link to the page that should open when the image is clicked.

  5. Enter the Content,

    You can use the tag {CTA} to insert a call to action in the content (button configured below, in the Call to Action (CTA) section.)

  6. Enter the Recommended Products Title,
  7. Select the Recommended Products

    Products you want to promote in the newsletter message.

  8. Enter the Recommended Blog Posts Title,
  9. Select the Recommended Blog Posts,

    Blog posts recommended in the newsletter message.

  10. Enter the CTA Button Description,
  11. Enter the Button Text,
  12. Enter the Button Link,

    Link to the page that should open when the button is clicked.

  13. Select the Button Alignment,
  14. Enter the CTA Button Description,
  15. Enter the Send Test To field with an email address to which you want to send a test message before sending it for delivery
  16. Click Save.
  17. Click Preview Mode to see how the message looks like, Preview of Newsletter Message
  18. Click Edit Mode to return to editing the message
  19. Click the Submit for Sending button to move the message to the next stage: Messages Submitted for Sending

Sending Newsletter Messages

Return to the Messages list

  1. Select Submitted for Sending,
  2. Edit the message, Sending Newsletter Message
  3. Select groups in Send to Groups,
  4. Press the Send button, After Sending Newsletter Message

Statistics of Message Openings and Entries

Go to the Sent tab

In the columns:

  • Opened

    Information is provided on how many customers opened the newsletter message.

    Due to privacy restrictions on various mail handling systems, the number of message openings is given approximately.

  • Entries

    Information is provided on the number of clicks on links in the newsletter message.

Duplicating Newsletter Messages

Return to the Messages list

  1. Go to Sent,
  2. Edit the message,
  3. Click Create a copy of the message,

Adding a user to the newsletter

Select Addresses

Email addresses in the newsletter database
  1. Press the Add button, Add email to newsletter database
  2. Enter Email address,
  3. Check Groups,
  4. Select Nationality,
  5. Press the Save button,
  6. Press the Send confirmation request button.
Email with a request for confirmation of registration for the Newsletter

Adding a newsletter group

Select Groups

Newsletter Groups in the Store Panel
  • Press the Add button, Edycja grupy Newsletter
  • Enter Name,
  • Enter Description,
  • Check Allow subscription from website,

    The customer can subscribe to the newsletter group in the store.

  • Check Default group,

    The group is automatically selected when the customer registers for the newsletter.

  • Press the Save button.
  • Import / Export Users

    Export Newsletter Users

    Select Export

    Eksport adresów e-mail Newsletter z panelu sklepu
    1. Select export format.

      Recommended .csv file with UTF-8 encoding.

    2. Press the Export button.
    3. Press the Download file button, Pobierz wyeksportowany plik z e-mailami z Newsletter
    4. Open the file with recommended settings, Open the file with recommended settings. Open the file with recommended settings Edit the records. Edit Newsletter email addresses in a spreadsheet

      Import Newsletter users

      Select Import

      Download exported file with emails from Newsletter
      1. Select import format,
      2. Upload Data file,
      3. Press the Import button.

      Configuration and Newsletter template

      Select Configuration

      Newsletter Configuration in an online store
      1. Check Activate,
      2. Check Show registration field when placing an order,
      3. Select Default sending language,
      4. Change Texts on the registration page in the store
    5. Change Homepage Texts in the store
    6. (Optional) Enable and fill in Additional Message After Registration in the store
    7. Edit the Message Template,
    8. Press the Save button.

    Displaying the Newsletter in the Store

    >Displaying the Newsletter in the Store

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