In administration panel go to Marketing => Newsletter

Creating and sending a newsletter

Select Messages

  1. Press Add,
  2. Select Groups,
  3. Enter Title,
  4. Enter Content,
  5. Press Save and send,
  6. Confirm that You are sure you want to send this message to the selected groups.

Adding an user to newsletter

Select Addresses

  1. Press Add,
  2. Enter Email address,
  3. Tick Groups,
  4. Select Nationality,
  5. Press Save and send the confirmation request.

Adding a newsletter's group

Select Groups

  1. Press Add,
  2. Enter Name,
  3. Enter Description,
  4. Tick Enable an ability to join the mailing group in the shop,
  5. User can add its e-mail to a newsletter group in a shop.

  6. Tick Default group,
  7. Group is automatically selected when registering an user in the newsletter.

  8. Press Save.

Importing / exporting the newsletter users

Exporting the newsletter users

Select Export

  1. Select an export format.
  2. .csv file with UTF-8 character set is recommended.

  3. Press Export.
  4. Press Download the file,
  5. Open a file with recommended settings,
  6. Edit the records.

Importing the newsletter users

Select Import

  1. Select an import format,
  2. Upload Data file,
  3. Press Import.

Newsletter's configuration and template

Select Configuration

  1. Tick Show the newsletter's registration box in the shopping cart,
  2. Select Default language to send,
  3. Edytuj Html template,
  4. Press Save.

Disabling a newsletter in a shop

Select Configuration

  1. Tick Disable newsletter in the shop,
  2. Press Save.

Displaying a newsletter in a shop