In administration panel go to Sale => Price comparers

Select Okazje

Deleting the products from the price comparer

Select List of products

  1. Tick Products,
  2. Select Delete.

Activating the products in the price comparer

Select List of products

  1. Edit a product,
  2. Tick Active,
  3. Press Save.

Generating the xml file

Select Generate the xml file

Press Generate the xml file

URL address of Okazje's generated file

Okazje configuration

Select Configuration

Settings of xml file generating

  1. Tick Add a producer code based on a product code,
  2. Press Save.

Information about the products availability

  1. Select Availability in Okazje accorded to Availability in the shop,
  2. Press Save.

Check out availability documentation.

Check out price comparers documentation.