History of Product Prices

Adapt the store to the EU Omnibus Directive. Show the price history on the product card and a price chart for the last 30 days. Display information about the lowest price of the product 30 days before the discount or price change.

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SOTESHOP. Product Price History. Adapt your store to the EU Omnibus Directive.


In the admin panel, select ApplicationsProducts Product Module IconConfiguration

Price History Options in Product Configuration
  • Price History Chart
    • Show
    • Hide
  • Lowest Price Information
    • Show for each price change
    • Show only for reduction

Lowest Price 30 Days Before Reduction

  • Show for each price change - The information is displayed for each price change (both for price increase and reduction).
  • Show only for reduction - It is displayed only if the price has been reduced.

If the product price is reduced, the system will present the information with the lowest product price from the last 30 days before the reduction. This information is independent of the chart and may present prices changed over a period longer than 30 days. There is no time limit here.

If the price is increased, a similar information will be displayed with the lowest price after the change.

The price from the previous day is taken for comparison.


In the price history, data is stored when the product is saved. If the product had an active discount, e.g. for the category, then the discounted price will be saved. If we change discounts in the store and add them to many products, then after the change, the task from the Task Schedule should be performed: Price History Update.

If the store has a Task Schedule configured, this operation will also be automatically invoked every night in case the task was not performed earlier.

We recommend configuring the task schedule to fully utilize the price history feature.

Check out the Task Schedule documentation.

Presentation of price history in Soteshop on the product card Price history chart of the product

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