Product Configuration - General Product Settings.

The product configuration module is responsible for settings: sorting, number of products on the list, displaying prices with the product, availability and warehouse, product options and cart. Thanks to the configuration, you can customize the product settings to your needs.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsProducts Product Module IconConfiguration

Product configuration in the store panel

Blocking the display of duplicate products on the page

  1. Check Do not allow duplicate products on the page,
  2. Press the Save button.

Setting the sorting

  1. Select Default sorting by:
    • Priority,
    • Name,
    • Price,
    • Newest,
  2. Select Default sort:
    • Ascending,
    • Descending,
  3. Press the Save button.

Setting product prices

  1. Check Prices only in net,
  2. The prices of all products in the store are presented net.

  3. Check Show products only with set price,
  4. Products with a price of 0 will not be displayed in the store.

  5. Check Show filter by price,
  6. See the Product Attributes documentation.

  7. Select Hide price:
    • Disabled,
    • For all customers,
    • For unlogged customers,
    • For unverified customers,

    Hides the price for all products in the store. You can hide the prices of selected products from the Product Edit.

  8. Check Show price history,

    Activate the price history and remember the minimum price 30 days before the discount/change. See details of Price History configuration.

    Option required in the Omnibus EU Directive.

    Link to price history on product card
  9. Select Price history chart,
  10. Select the way of displaying Lowest price information,
  11. Press the Save button.

See the Products documentation.

See the Customers documentation.

Setting the number of products displayed on lists

  1. Enter Number of products on full list,
  2. Press the Save button.

Warehouse configuration

See the Warehouse documentation.

Product options configuration

See the documentation for Product Options.

Configuring the Cart Function

See the documentation for Cart.

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