Products attributes

In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select Product attributes module

Enabling the products attributes

Select Configuration

  1. Tick Enable filters,
  2. Select Filter method:
    • Using and
    • Using or
  3. Tick Don't narrow the filters,
  4. If selected, the filters are not constrained due to the actual results of filtering.

  5. Press Save.

Adding a products attribute

Select Attribute list

  1. Press Add,
  2. Tick Active,
  3. Select Position (display order),
  4. Enter Name,
  5. Select Type:
    • Yes / No
    • Text
    • Color
  6. Tick Show in filters,
  7. Tick Show on product page,
  8. Select Categories, to which a filer is assigned,
  9. You can select the categories by choosing them in a category tree or by typing the category names.

  10. Press Save.

Adding the variants

Variants for Yes / No attributes

You can't add the variants. Automatically you can choose from:

  • Yes,
  • No.

Variants for Text attributes

Select Variants

  1. Press Add,
  2. Enter Position (display order),
  3. Enter Value,
  4. Press Save.

Variants for Color attributes

Select Variants

  1. Press Add,
  2. Enter Position (display order),
  3. Select Type:
    • Color,
    • Picture.
  4. Enter Name,
  5. Enter Color (for Color type, HEX code eg. #ffff00 [yellow]),
  6. Upload Image (for Picture type),
  7. Press Save.

Assigning the attributes to a product

In administration panel go to Offer => Products

  1. Edit a product,
  2. Select Attributes,
  3. Enter Title,
  4. Title appears above the list of attributes on the product card.

  5. Set attributes,
  6. Press Save.

Product attributes import / export

Product attributes export

Select Export

  1. Press Export,
  2. Press Download the file,
  3. Open a file with the recommended settings,
    • Select Character set as Unicode (UTF-8),
    • Select Separator options. Separated by:
      • Semicolon,
      • Space,
    • Select all the columns,
    • Set Column type as Text,
    • Press Ok.
  4. Edit the records.

Product attributes import

Select Import

  1. Select an Import format,
  2. Upload Data file,
  3. Press Import.

Enabling price filter

In administration panel go to Configuration => Products configuration

Go to Products prices section

  1. Tick Show price filter,
  2. Due to the complexity of the discounted price discounts are not filtered.

  3. Press Save.