Shop administration - Shop information

In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select Shop information module

Entering shop information

  1. Enter Seller name / Company,
  2. Tag {COMPANY}

  3. Enter VAT ID,
  4. Tag {VATNUMBER}

  5. Enter Street address, house number,
  6. Tags {STREET}, {HOUSE}, {FLAT}

  7. Enter Postal code and City / Town,
  8. Tags {CODE}, {TOWN}

  9. Enter Phone number,
  10. Tag {PHONE}

  11. Tick Show phone,
  12. The phone is visible only for mobile devices.

  13. Enter Fax,
  14. Tag {FAX}

  15. Enter Bank account,
  16. Tag {BANK}

  17. Enter E-mail,
  18. Tag {EMAIL}

  19. Press Save.

Using shop information

Tags {COMPANY}, {VATNUMBER}, {STREET}, {HOUSE}, {FLAT}, {CODE}, {TOWN}, {PHONE}, {FAX}, {BANK}, {EMAIL} can be used in:

  • Texts module - Order summary
  • Payments module - Description at the order's / payment's summary page

License information

Select License information.