Gift cards - promote your store and reward customers.

Offer your customers gift cards. Gift cards can be used to make payments in the store. It is possible to specify the minimum order value, validity of the voucher and select products and categories that are to be paid with vouchers. Use vouchers in store promotions or as a thank you to customers.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, go to ApplicationsGift vouchers Gift Voucher Module IconConfiguration

Enabling Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher Module Configuration
  1. Check Enable gift vouchers,
  2. Enter Code format:
    • @ - unique number [required],
    • # - random letter A - Z [optional],
    • 9 - random number 0 - 9 [optional],
  3. Press the Save button.
Gift voucher input field in the cart

Adding a Gift Voucher

Go to Gift vouchers

Gift voucher list
  1. Press the Add button, Editing Gift Certificate
  2. Select Status,
    • Active,
    • Pending,
    • Used.
  3. Select Currency,
  4. Enter Code,

    The code is automatically generated based on the configured code format. You can change the code manually.

  5. Enter Gross Amount,
  6. Enter Minimum Order Amount,

    Order value from which the code is active. 0 means no threshold.

  7. Select Valid Until,

    Until when the code is active. Empty field means no threshold.

  8. Check For All Products or select Categories and/or Manufacturers
  9. Press the Save button.
Cart with activated voucher code

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