Sklepy24 - Join Your Store to the Online Buyers Guide.

Add your online store offer to Sklepy24. Give the possibility to search and compare your products with the competition.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsSklepy 24 Sklepy24 module icon

Adding and Deleting Products from a Comparison Tool

Select Product List

Product List for Sklepy24

Assign all products to Sklepy24 with the Assign All button

Assign or unassign products to Sklepy24 by selecting them and choosing Set Assignment to either yes or no.

Editing a Product in Sklepy24

Select Product List

  1. Edit the product, Editing Assignment of Product to Sklepy24
  2. Check Assigned,
  3. Press the Save button.

Generating an XML File

Select Generate XML File

Generating an XML File for Sklepy24

Press the Generate XML file button

URL of Sklepy24 generated file


ADS Tracker - Report entries and recognize orders of people who entered the page from the Sklepy24 comparison.

Generating XML file for Sklepy24

More about ADS Tracker


It is possible to automatically generate the xml file. See more -> Task schedule.

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