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SOTESHOP online store has an easy-to-use store update system. Find out how to update your store to the latest version in a few steps and how to install add-ons to your store from WebStore. Check the update history, change the database settings, and use the expert mode.

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SOTESHOP. Updating the Online Store.

We recommend performing software updates at least 1 - 2 times a month.

In the admin panel, go to UpdateGo to Update

Homepage of the Update Panel

Downloading Updates

Select Download

List of update packages to download
  1. Press the Download button,
  2. Wait for the updates to download, Process of downloading updates
  3. Press the Install downloaded updates button.

Installing Updates

Select Install

List of downloaded update packages
  1. Press the Install all button,
  2. Wait for the verification to finish, Verification process of files during update
  3. Wait for the update to finish, Completion of the update process
  4. Go to the main update panel page.
Main update panel page, store is up to date

Do not close the browser window during installation.

During the update installation, the store is disabled for customers. A technical break message is displayed.

Technical break message

Repairing the update

In case the update installation process is interrupted due to, for example, server overload, freezing or closing the browser, there is a possibility to repair the update.

To do this, log in directly to the update panel https://shop.example.com/update.php and perform the update repair.

Update requiring repair
  1. Select Update repair, Update repair in progress
Process of update repair
  • Wait for the update repair to finish, Completion of the update repair process
  • Go to the update panel home page.
  • Update panel home page, store is up to date

    Restoring original files in the update process

    If the store contains modified files, an information will appear.

    Verification during installation detected modified files

    In order to upload the update, you must restore the original package files.

    See the SOTESHOP original files restoration documentation

    Expert tools

    In the admin panel select Expert tools

    Update panel home page, store is up to date Main page of the update panel, the store is up to date

    Store Verification

    Select System Verification

    Store file verification successful

    If there are modified files in the store, an information will appear.

    Store file verification detected modifications

    Restore the original package files.

    See the documentation restoring the original SOTESHOP files

    Developer Mode

    Select Developer Mode

    Developer mode configuration window
    Enabling Developer Mode
    Enabling developer mode
    1. Enter the IP Address,
    2. Check Enable Developer Mode,
    3. Press the Save button.
    Developer Mode URL

    Links to pages in developer mode are available only for the specified IP.

    Store: https://shop.example.com/frontend_dev.php

    Admin Panel: https://shop.example.com/backend_dev.php

    Update Panel: https://shop.example.com/update_dev.php

    Checking Server Configuration

    Press the PHPINFO button

    Displaying PHPINFO server configuration

    Update History

    Select Update History

    List of update histories

    Check the list of updated modules.

    Database Configuration

    Select MySQL Configuration

    Database connection configuration window

    Make sure that the database has utf8_unicode_ci encoding.

    1. Enter the Database Server Address,
    2. Enter the Database Name,
    3. Enter the Database User Name,
  • Enter Password,

    Forbidden characters in the password: @, #, /, \.

  • Press the Save button.
  • Installation of a Paid App from WebStore

    1. Go to the WebStore https://www.sote.pl/category/webstore
    2. Choose a paid app, Paid app PopUp in Webstore
    3. Press the Add to Cart button,
    4. Place an order for the paid add-on,
    5. Confirm the order and settle the payment,
    6. Receive an email with the Activation Code of the app and press the Download App link, Fragment of an e-mail message with the activation code of the app from Webstore
    7. Choose Add in the update panel, Attaching a package in the update panel
    8. Attach the Package with the app,
    9. Enter the Activation Code,
    10. Press the Attach button, Successful package upload
    11. Wait until the message File uploaded appears,
    12. Select Install, Additional application installation process
    13. Install the addon.

    See the Additional applications documentation.

    Installation of a free application from WebStore

    1. Go to the WebStore https://www.sote.pl/category/webstore page
    2. Select a free application
    3. Press the Download application button and save the file to the disk Free application Favicon in Webstore
    4. Go to the update panel and attach the file via Add Uploading a free application
    5. Select Install, Process of installing Favicon addon
    6. Install the addon.

    See the Additional applications documentation.

    Turning off/on additional applications and modifications

    1. Go to the address shop.example.com/update.php/installerweb/additionalApplications,

      Where shop.example.com is the domain of your shop

      List of additional applications and modifications in the shop
    2. Uncheck the Active option for the applications you want to turn off,
    3. Click Save.

    It is possible to turn off additional applications only in developer mode (applications will be available in production mode). To do this, go to the address shop.example.com/update_dev.php/installerweb/additionalApplications

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