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In the context of an online store, structured data is additional information about a product that is used by Google to enrich the information about your offer in search results. In the SOTESHOP online store, structured data is added to the product card and to the navigation path on all pages where it appears.

Structured data Google search

Structured data not only helps to expand search results (currently with: price, availability and review stars), but by providing additional structured data, we allow Google to better understand the structure of our online store.

Structured data Google preview

Enable structured data in the store

Structured data is embedded in the HTML code and in all responsive themes. They are immediately available to Google robots. The exception is structured data on product availability, which must be specified in the Google Shopping configuration: in the administrative panel → Sales → Google Shopping → Configuration in the Product Availability Information section. More:

You also need to remember to pass the review information, you must have reviews enabled on the product card and at least one review must be added to the product.

Google changes the requirements for structured data from time to time and we try to keep up with the updates in the store.

You can check your products with the structured data testing tool, which is available at:

See an example of a product from our demo

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