Reviews - product card opinions, reviews for orders.

Manage product reviews and customer feedback. Customers can add a review and rating on the product page. The review will immediately appear to the customer on the page, but other customers won't see it until it is confirmed by the seller. You will be notified of the new review in the store panel. You can also send automated requests for reviews to products that have been ordered.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsReviews Reviews Module Icon

Managing Reviews

List of reviews

Standard Review Editing

  1. Select the review, Review editing
  2. Select Entry Language,
  3. Edit the Review,
  4. Check the Publication,
  5. Select the Rating,
  6. Press the Save button.

Distinguished Review Editing

  1. Select the review, Highlighted Edition Review
  2. Select Entry Language,
  3. Edit Review,
  4. Check Publication,
  5. Check Highlight,
  6. Select Rating,
  7. Add Photo,
  8. Add links to social media portals,
  9. Press the Save button.

Displaying Reviews in the Store

Standard and Highlighted Reviews on Product Card

Click Show only reviews confirmed by purchase to filter only reviews confirmed by purchase.

Filtering verified reviews

Click on one of the ratings to see reviews only with that rating.

Filtering reviews by rating

The display location of the reviews can be selected in Product Presentation.

Publishing Reviews

How to Publish a Review in the SOTESHOP Online Store

Approve the publication

Gadget recently added reviews

Adding a widget of recently added product reviews
  1. Add the reviews gadget to your dashboard, Displaying the recently added reviews widget on the dashboard
  2. Approve the publication of a new review.

See the Widgets documentation.

Adding Reviews by Administrator

In the admin panel select OfferProducts

  1. Edit the product,
  2. Select Reviews, List of reviews in product edit in the store admin panel
  3. Press the Add review button, Adding a review from the product edit
  4. Enter Signature,
  5. Select Language of entry,
  6. Enter Review,
  7. Check Publication,
  8. Select Rating,
  9. Press the Save button.

Sending a request for a product review

  1. Copy the Review Link,
  2. Send it to customers.

Adding a review in the store

Make sure reviews are enabled in the store.

How to add a review from the product card in the store

In the case of the review presentation Display under description and Display under tabs, the review can be added in the place where the reviews are displayed (when none have been added yet)

How to add a review from the product card in the store
  1. Select Rating,
    Review form on the product card in the store
  2. Write Review,
  3. Press the Add button.

Review Configuration

In the admin panel select ApplicationsReviews Reviews module iconConfiguration

Store admin panel review configuration
  1. Select Send on status change,

    Messages will be sent automatically when the order status is changed.

  2. Choose Order status,
  3. Select Send with delay

    Messages will be sent automatically using the task schedule. See more in Task Schedule.

  4. Choose Send after

    The message will be sent after X days from the order status change.

  5. Choose Product type,

    In case of multiple products in the order, the automatic request for a review will be sent for one product.

  6. Enter Message content,
  7. Press the Save button.

Change Editing language to edit the record for other language versions.

Sending an email asking for a review of the purchased product

In the admin panel, select SalesOrders

Sending reviews from the order list in the store panel

Send a request for a review of the purchased product.

The customer will receive a message:

Email with a request for a review of the purchased product

The review given through the link in this mail will be automatically marked as review confirmed by order.

Messages can be sent automatically. Check the review configuration.

Review confirmed by purchase

Reviews submitted by customers through a link in a message requesting a review are automatically marked as Verified Purchase Reviews. This information is visible on the product card.

Verified purchase review on product card

The review can also be marked as verified purchase manually in the admin panel.

  1. Go to ApplicationsReviews,
  2. Edit the selected review,
  3. Check Verified purchase,
  4. Press the Save button.

Enabling and displaying reviews in the store

In the admin panel select ApplicationsProducts Products module iconPresentation

  1. Check Show product reviews,
  2. Select Product review presentation,
  3. Press the Save button.
Show product reviews in product presentation in the panel

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