The service covers the registration of a domain with the .pl or extension and covers the fee for 1 year. A domain for a store requires an SSL certificate.

Domain with .pl or extension

The service includes the registration of one domain with the .pl or extension. The price covers registration for 1 year:

  • Domain registration with certificate: 175 PLN net
    • Domain registration: 25 PLN net / 1st year
    • SSL Certificate: 150 PLN net / year
  • Domain registration without certificate: 25 PLN net / 1st year
    • For the next year the fee is: 155 PLN net

If you want to register a domain with a different extension or check the availability of the domain, write to the address:

SSL Certificate

Currently, an SSL certificate is an essential element of an online store or website address. An SSL certificate must be purchased for each domain that is to be connected to the store. It provides data and communication security with the store and is a very important element related to indexing and positioning the store in Google search results and more.

Domain without certificate

A domain without a certificate can be registered as a domain reservation. For example, if we do not want a certain domain to be purchased by the competition or want to use it in the future. If we have purchased a domain and want to connect it to the store, an additional SSL certificate will be required.

Order an SSL certificate for the domain: SSL Certificate