If you are interested in unique layout of your store, customised to the specifics of your offer, we can prepare an individual graphic design for you.

Our graphic designers will not only design the layout of your store but they will also advise you how to optimally use the functionalities of the store to make it appealing to your customers. Each design is made in direct cooperation with the client.

Individual design - Exclusive

Number of initial designs 1 1 2
Maximum number of designs 2 2 4
Banner graphic layout 1 2 4
Examples of banners made with the use of graphic layouts 2 4 8
Examples of banners made with the use of graphic layouts 1 3 5
Pictures/icons for a given category - 10 20
Individual graphic design
Implementation of the design
Changes in the initial designs
Store configuration
Account manager and assistance
Responsive (mobile) version
Positioning support
Google Page Speed Optimisation
Compliance with updates
Change of components on main page
Change of page layout -
Change of the number of products on a page -
Change of font -
Change of elements in categories -
Change of elements in a product page -
Website template -
Change of the store width -
Newsletter template - -
Responsive display ad template - -
Entry of exemplary data - -
Logo - -
VIP plan - -
Social Media: YouTube + Facebook + Instagram - -
PSD source files - -
See comparison with other packages : Individual designs

If you have more questions and if you need assistance in selecting the best option for you, do not hesitate to contact us.