Individual graphic service includes one-time update of the store's graphics. It is mainly intended for individual graphic projects, but not only. 

Individual graphic design allows stores to stand out and present themselves more interestingly and it is definitely worth taking advantage of such an option. However, in such stores, part of the files responsible for the appearance is copied and changed, which files are modified depends on the project and customer requirements. Therefore, some updates related to the appearance may not appear automatically. This is the case when the change is related to individual graphic files.

This does not mean, however, that you cannot use new store features. Adding the selected feature requires changes to individual files in the graphics and manual addition of modifications, and this is what this service is mainly about. 

Examples of using the service

  • Adapting the selected store feature to the graphic theme.
  • Inserting a graphic element.
  • Modifying HTML code and adding/changing the selected element.
  • Maximum 2 hours of work.

Using the service applies only to SOTESHOP 8 in the latest version and an update of the store is always required. The service does not include updating the store and graphic design.