Optimise your store

Any changes in the graphics are instantly visible and are instantly effective. Sometimes just a few changes can largely improve your store image. It is best to plan changes in the graphic layout of your store before any new season or once a year at the minimum, depending on the specifics of the store.
It is worth remembering that not only your offer changes but so does the technology and expectations of your customers. Quick adaptation to changes underlies commercial success in many industry sectors selling their products via the e-commerce channel.
If no changes in your store graphic layout have been made for at least a year or if you have a new product offer and you want to update your store image, this option is just for you.

Graphic design verification

We will first verify the configuration of your store, which will include:
  • Main page
    • Header and footer
      • Logo. 
      • Header text.
      • Menu.
      • Social Media.
      • Newsletter.
      • Contact.
      • Legal and additional information.
    • Elements used on the website
      • A banner.
      • Categories.
      • List of products.
      • Additional texts.
      • Blog.
    • Positioning.
  • Categories
    • Photos of the categories.
    • Description.
    • Products on the list of categories.
    • Configuration of photos.
    • Positioning.
  • Products
    • Information about the product.
    • Configuration of photos
    • Full and short description.
    • Delivery/Warranty/Returns
    • Accessories/Recommended products
    • Positioning.
  • Security
    • SSL settings.
Having analysed your store, we will present you with a simple and clear report on how to optimise you store. We will propose configuration changes. Additionally, we will introduce changes in the graphic layout of your store. The number of such changes depends on the selected plan and time a graphic designer can dedicate to the implementation of changes. We schedule our works to cause the least inconvenience to the operation of your store. Finally, you will get a ready store with updated graphic layout, that can be more effectively positioned.


  • Basic plan - up to 3 hours of work
  • Premium plan - up to 8 hours of work
  • remium Plus plan - up to 15 hours of work

What plan to select?

  • If you want to update your store at the beginning of a new season or if you want to introduce a few changes, e.g. add a new banner, new photos or texts - the Basic plan shall be sufficient for your needs.
  • If your graphic layout has not been updated for at least a year or if you have more than 1,000 products to offer, we recommend selecting the Premium plan.
  • If you need more advanced customised changes, including a change of the page layout, change of the number of products on your page, adaptation of the mobile version and positioning support, we recommend selecting the Premium Plus plan.

Design and quotation

Before the implementation of any changes, we prepare their design and the final quotation. If additional time is needed for the completion of your design project, the plan can be extended in time, depending on the selected option:

  • Basic plan: PLN 150.00/ hour
  • Premium plan: PLN 125.00/ hour
  • Premium Plus plan: PLN 100.00/ hour

The quotation includes the best option for the client.

No additional fees

We charge no additional fees for the time not included in the quotation. If it turns out that the project implementation takes more time, the client does not incur any additional costs.


If you do not know what plan to select or if you are interested in the individual offer, contact us, we will be happy to assist you. Go to the website: Contact