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Information about online stores, online sales, and the e-commerce industry. Legal aspects of conducting business online. News and updates about the SOTESHOP software.


We present a new series of presentations of our customers' stores based on SOTESHOP 7 software and having an individual graphics based on responsive theme. The responsive theme ensures perfect look on every device - starting from a mobile phone, through a tablet, to a desktop computer. We want to present the diversity of graphics, their aesthetic look, professional implementation and the size of the range of offered products.


We have prepared a new version of SOTESHOP 7.0.5. Check out the list of changes that have appeared in our application since the release of the version: adding a phone number requirement for Paczkomats, taking into account delivery zones in PayPal Express, adding a code format and minimum amount for shopping vouchers, adding the possibility of attaching the regulations and the right of withdrawal in PDF to the order confirmation email, adapting the themes - bagging, brasserie, fragrance, furniture, games, gifts, jeweley, longboard, surfing, toys - to the new EU consumer law and many others.

New Features of SOTESHOP 7

The holidays are coming and we are giving away presents! In the latest updates, not only have many improvements appeared, but above all new and very useful functionalities such as: parcel machines, dimensions or extended shopping vouchers. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the presentations of these modules.

Online Store Regulations

We have prepared for you the configuration documentation of the store, related to the new e-commerce regulations (as of December 25, 2014) and a free online store regulations. We encourage you to familiarize yourself and make the appropriate changes to the settings of your SOTESHOP 7 online stores.


We have prepared a new version of SOTESHOP 7.0.4. Check out the list of changes that have appeared in our application since the release of the version: package management from the store, adding the ability to search for a product by a fragment of the code, expanding the search to include additional description and manufacturer code, updating the mobile version for the new EU law and many others.

We are recording carols for you.

As every year, we are preparing carols for our customers. We want everything we create to be special, so for the recordings we invited wonderful artists: pianist Michał Ruksza and Anna Sandowicz from the Polish Theater in Poznań. We will make the carols available at the beginning of December, but you can already take a look at how they are created.


We have prepared a new version of SOTESHOP 7.0.3. Check out the list of changes that have appeared in our application since the release of the version: new feature - the base price is the price representing the value of the product for a certain unit of measure, change of icons in the administrative panel, improvement of photo scaling in product sets, expansion of delivery for packages of certain dimensions, unlocking of functionality in the SOTESHOP Open version and many others.


We have prepared a new version of SOTESHOP 7.0.2. Check out the list of changes that have appeared in our application since the release of the version: structural data tags in products and navigation, parcel machines for the mobile theme, optimization improvements of the store, update of Google Shopping after Google reduced the number of characters in the XML file and many others.

PayPal Seminar

PayPal and SOTE invite you to a free online seminar on techniques to support sales in an online store. The seminar is conducted in English.

iPhone 6 and SOTESHOP 7

Yesterday, Apple company presented new models of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus with resolutions of 1334×750 and 1920×1080. So the question arises, do we need to update the store to fit the new screens? SOTESHOP 7 works in RWD technology - this means that it not only adapts to existing devices, but will also work correctly on resolutions that will be introduced in the future. Let's do a small test, let's see how the store looks on iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

Mobile, unified and convenient

An article about SOTESHOP 7 has been published on the Wirtualna Polska portal. We invite you to read it. The internet is today a gigantic supermarket. We watch, choose and buy almost all possible goods online. Increasingly, we do this without using classic computers. Thanks to the development of mobility, we can sell and buy everywhere and at any time.

InPost Delivery

In version 7, we added integration with Inpost Paczkomats.Thanks to the integration with Paczkomaty.pl, the store's customer can choose to have their order delivered to any Inpost Paczkomat as a delivery form. This is a particularly convenient delivery form for those who cannot receive packages at home/work, and prefer to drive to the nearest Paczkomat and pick it up at a convenient time for them.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is a technology that allows web pages to be presented on different screens, from phones, through tablets to small and large monitors. In SOTESHOP 7, the system automatically adapts to the browser resolution. It selects the appropriate page layout, presents information appropriately, adapts the menu, header, logo, banners, fonts, scales images, icons, and adapts many other elements. See how SOTESHOP 7 changes depending on the presentation resolution.


We have prepared a new version of SOTESHOP 7.0.1. Check out the list of changes that have appeared in our application since the release of the SOTESHOP 7 version, including: improving the product option shifting mechanism in the administrative panel, simplifying the activation of the mobile theme, adding SEO pagination to product lists and many others.

First Mobile

There are many different solutions for presenting mobile versions of websites and online stores. Often, special simplified versions of the site are created with a separate address. Sometimes the mobile version is presented on a completely different platform. Regardless of the technology used, these are still mobile versions of the site. Often treated only as a curiosity or fashionable gadget.


The online shopping market is constantly evolving. Laws are changing, customer requirements, delivery methods, or devices on which customers view our website. Therefore, in order to effectively compete and reach a larger number of people, our online store must also evolve. That's why we created the new version of the SOTESHOP 7 online store, with Mobile, Responsive Web Design, Paczkomaty and many more.