Rules and Regulations and the privacy policy - documents compliant with the currently applicable provisions of law and adapted to our software. Ready-made texts that you can instantly add to your store.

The rules and regulations are prepared with your convenience in mind - they are simple and easy to fill in. “Fill-in” boxes are clearly marked in documents. Rules and Regulations and the privacy policy are regularly updated, in this all legal changes pertaining to selling goods via the Internet stores are regularly implemented. They are also compliant with technical solutions applicable in on-line stores.

Well-written Rules and Regulations and the privacy policy ensure safe business operations and clearly explain the terms and conditions of the purchase of goods to consumers.

If the Rules and Regulations published in your store are out of date or if their text is copied for the Internet sources, do not risk, choose professional service providers.

Rules and Regulations of using the on-line store

What is your gain?

  • Ready to use text of rules and regulations and a document in many formats that is easy to be filled in.
  • Compliance with the e-commerce laws.
  • Access to updates of rules and regulations and the privacy policy.
  • Compliance with SOTESHOP software

Rules and Regulations - Professional plan

Professional plan is available only for SOTESHOP stores.

Documents included in the plan:
  • Rules and Regulations of the store
  • Privacy policy
  • Form of Withdrawal from the Agreement

Documents are sent in the following formats
  • Docx - Word
  • Odt - Open Office
  • PDF - Portable Document Format
  • HTML - version ready to be uploaded on the store website
  • TXT - Plain text

  • Access to updates of rules and regulations and the privacy policy for 1 year.
  • Newsletter on legal changes applicable to the on-line stores.

Rules and Regulations in the Polish language version concern one on-line store.

Rules and Regulations - Individual plan

Individual plan is available for SOTESHOP stores and other on-line stores.

  • The plan contains all elements of a professional plan.
  • This is a plan for an indefinite time period (with annual updates)
  • The plan additionally includes individual legal consultancy services (up to 2 hours with a lawyer) that can be used for the purpose of making additional changes in the rules and regulations.

Non-professional (private use) purchase

Rules and Regulations contain updates concerning purchases for firms intended for private use. This concerns a change in law, effective as of 01.01.2021.

Kancelaria Adwokacka (Attorney-at-law firm)

Rules and regulations and the privacy policy have been drawn up by the Attorney-at-law firm Kancelaria Adwokacka Arkadiusz Jaskuła. This law office prepares all legal documents for us.

Kancelaria Adwokacka Arkadiusz Jaskuła has been successfully providing services to corporate clients for more than a decade. The services it provides range from external representation of a business entity (representation in negotiations, development of contract documentation, protection of interests in court and administrative proceedings) to legal services for internal needs of entrepreneurs (preparing draft resolutions, regulations, drawing up and managing corporate documentation).

The law office website: