The integration software enables you to import orders and send relevant information about products between the store and Subiekt (both ways).

The integration software enables you to import orders to Subiekt NEXO Pro or Subiekt GT and to convert them into any type of a sales document (to be selected: ZK [Client’s Order]; ZK with booking; ZK + FS [sales invoice]/PAi [receipt];FS/Pai, WZ [delivery note]).

The software is easy to use, the user only needs to select orders he/she wants to import from the list (the software automatically selects orders that have already been processed).

The software is provided with extensive configuration options, which, among others, allow: allocation of a relevant category to orders, text entry into “Notes” box as per the template; combination of orders placed by the same customer, dispatch of orders to different delivery addresses and other options.

Main functionalities of the software:

  • Import of orders from the on-line store to Subiekt (to be selected: ZK [Client’s Order]; ZK with booking, ZK + FS [sales invoice]/PAi [receipt]; FS/PAi).
  • Import of products from the on-line store to Subiekt
  • Synchronisation of products in the store on the basis of product information from Subiekt (prices, stocks, names, descriptions)
  • Processing any number of stores
  • Processing foreign currencies and taxes
  • Updates of order statuses in the store (including sending e-mail notifications to customers with attached invoices)
  • Integration with SMSAPI
  • Change tracking mechanism in the product database in Subiekt - quick synchronisation
  • Background work option (as a system service)

Subiekt GT requires extension with Sfera GT.


  • Orders are exported from the store to Subiekt, they are then packed and dispatched by the store staff.
  • Once an order is fulfilled, its status in the store changes. The customer is additionally informed about any change of his/her order status by e-mail.
  • On top of that, warehouse stocks are synchronised (the store also runs the stationary trade) and so are the prices (they often change, depending on particular deliveries).

Requirements and compatibility

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012/2016
  • Subiekt GT version 1.58 SP1 HF1 (with Sfera license for Subiekt GT) at the minimum or Subiekt NEXO PRO version 16 (only the PRO version) at the minimum
  • Up-to-date version of SOTESHOP and active access to updates

The software manufacturer is RTNET Sp. z o.o. sp. k., seated in Sady near Poznan.
The software support is provided by the manufacturer.