The software allows the data exchange between Symfonia and SOTE on-line store.

The integration software supports Symfonia ERP and Symfonia Handel (Symfonia Handel Premium) from version 2010.

The software does not require any direct connection with SQL server (MySQL) of the store. All communication with the store is ensured by means of API.

You can operate the integration software through Symfonia using additional context menu in the sales file (buffer) and the product inventory file.

Importing orders to Symfonia

The integration software enables you to import selected orders from the store to Symfonia. The software automatically displays orders that have not yet been processed. Then, an order gets imported to Symfonia and stored in the buffer in the Sales files. Here the order can be modified, fulfilled and converted into any type of a sales document (VAT invoice, receipt, etc.)

The integration software can link products in the store with products in Symfonia based on the product code, which translates into an on-going inventory management (a product is booked or taken out of stock in the Symfonia warehouse). The integration software also manages one-time products/services and product options/versions (each version of a product in the on-line store must be assigned with its unique symbol).

The software also creates relevant client files (linked as per client ID) and manages additional delivery addresses.

Import of products from Symfonia to SOTESHOP

This function allows you to import selected products from the store to Symfonia. Based on the “Symbol” box, the software updates or creates new entries in product inventory file. The following data is imported (to be selected): code/symbol, name, description, prices, VAT rate, weight.

Export of products from Symfonia to SOTESHOP (update)

This function allows you to update data sent from Symfonia to the store. The function can also update stocks in the store based on Symfonia stocks (with or without booking, from all or from selected warehouses).

The software also allows the data synchronisation in the schedule at a specified time interval (e.g. every 10 minutes).

Compatibility and requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012/2016
  • Symfonia Handel/Symfonia Handel Premium version 2008 or higher, Symfonia 2.0 Handel, Symfonia Handel ERP
  • Up-to-date version of SOTESHOP and active access to updates

The software manufacturer is RTNET Sp. z o.o. sp. k., seated in Sady near Poznan.
The software support is provided by the manufacturer.