Video materials in the store are the future. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but video tells the whole story. If you want a video to appear when someone enters your store, we will prepare professional video banners for you.

You don't have to incur high video production costs, we will select professional video scenes for you so that they fit your store. You can also send your own video recordings, made with a camera or phone, on the basis of which we will prepare banners.

The preparation of video banners service includes:

  • 3 professional video banners.
  • Matching the film to the banner - selecting scenes from the film database.
  • Rights to use the film on the banner in the store.
  • Up to 6 film proposals for use in banners.
  • Matching the size for presentation in the store.
  • Matching the presentation of text and CTA button on the banner (optional).
  • Optimizing the size of the film.
  • Video time: 6 or 11 seconds per 1 banner.
  • Video banners have no sound.
  • Matching the film to the mobile version.

The service also includes adding banners to the store and, if necessary, adapting the graphics (responsive) for displaying video banners.