Darymex is a company that produces bedding and table linen, as well as wholesale trading of all kinds of home textiles. It also offers blankets and curtains. To start working with the wholesaler, you must first contact them: Sales for companies (B2B) - Darymex Store

Darymex Wholesale

Cyclic import of product data according to the file provided by Darymex Wholesale, imported data:

  • Product name
  • Category
  • Manufacturer
  • Product description
  • Stock status
  • Gross price
  • Weight
  • Photos

Number of wholesalers in the store

The number of active wholesalers (from WebStore) in the store depends on the version of the store:

General features of integration with wholesalers in SOTESHOP

Integrations with wholesalers are based on a new advanced cyclic data import system, which includes:

  • Import and update of product data: name, description, price, stock status, photos, etc.
  • Automatic and cyclic import.
  • Number of imports without limits.
  • Advanced management of imported product categories.
  • Margins on the entire assortment or individual import categories.
  • Ability to exclude part of the assortment from import.
  • Setting product availability based on data in wholesaler files.
  • Linking and marking products imported from a given wholesaler.
  • Independent option to import a photo.
  • Import of product attributes.
  • Ability to download data from several files.
  • Support for different data formats.
  • Integration with the task schedule.
  • Report of imports performed.