Add-on expands the functionality of Blog module, it gives the visitors the chance to comment your posts. You can moderate the content of the discussions in Disqus management panel.

See documentation of Blog module

If you have an individual graphic theme, order the service that will install an add-on to your store.

Creating an account

  1. Create an account and add Disqus to your site. Enter username, email address & password. Press Next Step.

  2. Enter site name, choose your unique Disqus URL (use the given value to configure Disqus in SOTESHOP's administration panel) and select a category. Press Next.

  3. Choose the type of page and optionally enter the additional info. Press Next.

  4. To skip this step, press Skip.

  5. Go to Disqus management panel

Add-on configuration in SOTESHOP

  1. Go to add-on site in your administration panel

  2. Enable the add-on and enter the unique Disqus name. Save the changes.