Inquiries - inquiry about the price and availability of the product.

Not all products need to have a price or availability displayed. Part of the offer may require individual pricing or is imported on an individual order. Thanks to the Inquiry option, we can easily display a form instead of a price or availability and manage customer inquiries.

Table of Contents

In the admin panel, go to ApplicationsQueries Query module icon

Enabling queries

Query configuration
  1. Check Module activation for Product price query,
  2. Check Module activation for Product availability query,
  3. Press the Save button.
    In the admin panel, select OfferProducts
  4. Edit the product, Editing a product in an online store
  5. Select Hide price,
  6. Select Availability or set the stock state for automatic availability selection,
  7. Press the Save button.

If you want to hide the price for all products, in the admin panel select ConfigurationProduct configuration.
Disable Show product price.

You can use the import / export function to hide prices and select specific availability in selected products in bulk.

Sending a product query

Product card inquiries in the store
  1. Press the Ask for price / Ask for availability button, Ask for availability from the product card
  2. Enter Content,
  3. Enter Sender (the email address to which the response should be sent),
  4. Press the Send button.

A message will be sent to the store's main mail account:

Customer inquiry email message

Answer to the inquiry

In the admin panel, go to ApplicationsInquiries Inquiries module icon

Select List

List of customer inquiries
  1. Edit the inquiry,
    1. Click on the Edit button, Editing a query
    2. Enter the Answer content,
    3. Press the Save and Send button.

    The customer will receive an answer:

    Email message with customer query answer

    See the changing header and footer in email messages documentation.

    Adding a query status

    Select Statuses

    Query statuses list
    1. Press the Add button, Adding a new query status
    2. Check Default,

      The default status is set for each newly submitted query. The default status can only be a status of the New type.

    3. Enter the Name,
    4. Select the Type,
    5. Press the Save button.

    Change the Editing Language to edit the record for other language versions.

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